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10 Best Things to Do in Udaipur in 2022

Udaipur is famous for its pristine lakes, ancient Royal Palace, palaces, and beaches. So whether you are in love with your loved one or planning to drive away from your boring and monotonous life, Udaipur is the perfect destination for you!

Traveling all by oneself has always seemed like an exciting idea. When in India, one place we love to visit is Udaipur. This city which was once the capital of Mewar is known for its serene, beautiful landscapes and magnificent forts. It even happens to be one of the favorite destinations in Rajasthan and is known for being a popular tourist destination and Udaipur Tour Operator.

You’ll never forget a boat cruise along the shores of Lake Pichola with majestic views of the towering walls of Jag Mandir Palace. The Lake Palace awaits you only 4 kilometers from Udaipur city, surrounded by shimmering water. Cruise around on a traditional gondola powered by a local man rowing beneath the water where you can see many varieties of fish.

If you want to see the glorious sunset at Udaipur, then your best shot is from the top of Jag Mandir. It’s also one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunrise. You can also take  Udaipur To Mount Abu Taxi Service to visit mount, Abu.

  • Explore the Bagore Ki Haveli

The Bagore Ki Haveli is one of the many stunning historical sites in Udaipur. Known as The House of the Wind, it is an impressive home built in 1892 by Maharani Ajabde Punwar and her husband, Maharana Fateh Singh. You can also take Udaipur to Jaipur Taxi Service if you are planning to visit Jaipur from Udaipur.

This historical structure was built almost two centuries ago and is the epitome of beauty and elegance. If you’ve been to Udaipur and didn’t explore the Bagore Ki Haveli, then you’re a true shame. This building is 2,500 square feet (compared to Buckingham Palace’s 150,000) but has a charm that cannot be matched.

  • Ride the Karni Mata Ropeway

The Karni Mata Ropeway transports you from the top to the bottom of the hills in 15 minutes and is a dream for all adventure lovers. It is situated at a height of 1,234 mts above sea level and stretches for about 5 km. If you want to experience what it’s like to fly, the Karni Mata Ropeway located in the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan is one of the best experiences for thrill-seekers.

On this ropeway you’ll be taken to an altitude of 3,500 ft by a winch system and then have both a bird’s eye view of some of the most picturesque locations on this ropeway as well as an experience hovering in the sky.

  • Visit the Vintage and Classic Car Museum

If you love vintage and classic cars, then what better place to visit than The Vintage & Classic Car Museum? This museum is the only one of its kind that houses over 100 vintage and classic cars in perfect working condition including pre-independence automobiles. For those who love to get under the hood, the Udaipur Vintage and Classic Car Museum is one place you should visit in Udaipur.

Undergoing regular restoration and rebuilds of antique vehicles, this museum is a delight for motor enthusiasts. Let us paint a picture for you. It’s 10 am, and you’re riding a royal chariot pulled by a white horse through the car museum. You stop in front of a 1964 Packard and stare at its pristine exterior which is polished to perfection. Your eyes wander over the stunning lines of the car admiring the fine details.

  • Take a Tour of the City Palace

Udaipur is a scenic city in Rajasthan that has been under the reign of several great kings. The glorious history of this place dates back thousands of years and its most popular tourist attraction is the City Palace.

The palace is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Udaipur. This palace has a lot of history, and you will realize this even before you enter it. The exterior gives an impression of the royal family that was living here as well as the inner grandeur that they were trying to portray.

  • Shopping at Hathi Pol Bazaar

If you’re wanting to find the best price for a variety of interesting things and gifts, the bazaar is the place to go. You’ll find traditional handicrafts and curiosities from camel saddles to models of the 1008 structures in Udaipur. You’ll also find local snacks, treats, and refreshments available in the food stalls here you can opt for a Car Rental in Udaipur.

To get the most out of your shopping spree, you should practice patience while in the bazaar. Surround yourself with thousands of locals who are very used to moving in lots of directions to get around all at once without crashing into each other, even if they only have 3 feet’s worth of space between themselves and their neighbors.

  • Wildlife Spotting at Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Spotting at Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a superb activity that you can enjoy in Udaipur. Udaipur, the cultural capital of Rajasthan is surrounded by a ring of dense green. This encircling belt of greenery is one of the richest natural habitats in the world supporting a wide array of wildlife. Home to many rare species including the tiger, Udaipur’s wildlife reserve or Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary attracts wildlife lovers from all around.

  • Trip to the Monsoon Palace

Udaipur, the Monsoon Palace of Rajasthan, is one of the most beautiful cities in India. However, it is not exactly obvious what to do there when it is sunny and pleasant one day, and rainy and cold the next. The Sajjangarh palace is known for its great architecture and also has a beautiful landscape around it.

The palace is known as the last ruler’s palace and a popular destination in Udaipur. The city’s rich ancient history attracts several visitors every year. There are plenty of things to do in Udaipur, and Sajjan Garh Palace is one of the most important places to visit.

  • Visit  India’s Largest Fish Aquarium

Located in Udaipur, India, the Aquarium Palace carries the pride of place for several reasons. It’s the largest aquarium in Rajasthan, exhibits the world’s biggest oyster shell, and has a beautiful underwater zoo that’s home to more than 75 marine species.

  • Visit Shilpgram

A visit to Udaipur is not complete without visiting Shilpgram which is a theme park located on Satala Road at a 10 km distance from Udaipur city. Being the largest museum of folk arts and crafts, Shilpgram attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Located in the beautiful vicinity of Udaipur, you can go to Shilpgram to experience the art of living. It is a model village that offers you a wonderful way to learn the basics of Rajasthani architecture, craftsmanship, pottery, and agriculture in true farmhouse surroundings.

The thing that amazes us the most about this place is the fact that it encloses natural beauty with colonial architecture, which results in a unique fusion of old and new styles.


As you’ve read in this article, there is good news all the modern luxuries can be found in “Udaipur of Rajasthan”. You may hope that as a tourist, you’ll surely enjoy your life. This type of trip will bring you much more benefits than harm. People need to know the truth, so they can get the correct and unbiased picture of various things in their lives.

In the end, Udaipur is one of India’s most interesting tourist destinations and also one of Rajasthan’s crowning glories. It is a beautiful city on the banks of Lake Pichola and leads you through a journey of beautiful palaces, forts, and landscapes. Whether you are traveling on your own, with friends, or with a loved one, you should try and cover as many of these as possible over a lifetime.

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