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5 Facts on Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Using digital vehicle inspection software can be a great way to help you keep your business in compliance with DVIR regulations. It’s more efficient than using paper, and it can save you a lot of time. It can also save you a ton of money. Using this tool makes it easy to budget and plan for future expenses and eliminates human error.

It’s more valuable than paper ancestors

Using digital vehicle inspection software has many benefits and perks. For one, it is easier to track and measure the checkup results. It also provides a higher level of customer engagement. For example, the customers can review the results of the service at their leisure.

If you are a body shop or dealership, you should consider investing in digital vehicle inspection software. Not only is it easier to do the digital car inspection, but it is also faster to do. This translates to a happier and more satisfied customer.

You can use digital vehicle inspection software to keep track of the checkup and provide the customer with an easy-to-read checklist. The software also makes writing up a service estimate a breeze. The software also allows you to attach photos and videos.

Lastly, you can share the results of the checkup with the customer. The software makes this possible via a text message. This is especially useful when you have an out-of-town customer that does not live nearby.

It can save your day’s wages

Adding digital vehicle inspection software to your shop can be a great way to boost your bottom line. Communicating with customers through video chats allows technicians to share pictures and videos of problems. It also increases customer satisfaction and can lead to more work being sold. It has several features that make it easy to create and submit inspections. You may want to create different reviews depending on your business’s needs. It’s also a good idea to choose a digital vehicle inspection tool that can be easily implemented.

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Singlethread Vehicle Inspection (SVI) is a product that combines video inspections with digital OEM inspection forms. These inspections are designed to replace messy paper forms. They help your customer understand what repair work is needed and how much it will cost.

Digital vehicle inspection software is also a great way to show your customers the actual condition of their vehicles. It can display videos and pictures of problem areas and provide accurate information on parts that need replacement.

It eliminates human-error

Digital Vehicle Inspection software is a smart way to streamline the vehicle inspection process. It eliminates paperwork, reduces human error, and saves time. This system enhances the service center’s efficiency and provides accurate repair information.

The technology, powered by machine learning, analyzes the images in seconds. The system automatically detects issues with scrapes, dents, and panel alignment. Those items that need immediate attention are highlighted and prioritized. It also offers recommendations for future maintenance and repairs.

It also allows fleet mechanics to review defects and sign off on repair jobs. The completed report is sent to the customer via text message.

It is essential to choose digital inspection software that is easy to use. A user-friendly application allows technicians to upload photos and videos of vehicles, create a checklist, and send a detailed vehicle report.

Customers like how convenient it is to examine DVI at their convenience. The color grade of the vehicle helps them to digest the inspection findings. This boosts customer confidence and builds loyalty.

It allows customers to budget and plan for future expenses

Adding digital vehicle inspection software to your shop is a great way to enhance every stage of the inspection process. Not only does it keep quality and consistency intact, but it also streamlines processes and helps you grow your business.

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With the aid of this technology, you can send customers digital inspections that include photos, videos, and detailed information. The reports produced will provide your clients with the critical information they require to make educated decisions on their automobiles.

Tekmetric makes it easy to create a good-quality inspection. With built-in templates, you’ll be able to highlight the most critical repairs and improve your productivity. You’ll also be able to tie different inspection tasks to existing canned jobs.

In addition to the functions above, Tekmetric also offers tips on how to produce better DVI results. The software automatically generates a “Vehicle Health” report, which displays a summary of the most important findings of your inspection.

This report comprises video clips, supporting photos, and a few wacky acronyms. The information is an effective way to get your customers interested in the inspection, and it’s also a great way to prove that you care about their cars.

It makes DVIR compliance quick and easy.

DVIRs (Vehicle Inspection Reports) are required by the Department of Transportation and help fleets meet safety standards. These records demonstrate the company’s safety efforts and can help them avoid fines and legal actions. They are also essential tools for fleet managers.

Using DVIRs, drivers can easily monitor the condition of their vehicles. Mechanics can immediately identify the most pressing issues. When a problem is detected, the driver must inform the carrier and arrange repairs.

If a vehicle is inoperable, it can be detrimental to the transportation industry. Moreover, it can burn up a driver’s time. In addition, a cluster of failures could indicate that the vehicle is nearing its end of useful life.

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The Department of Transportation takes non-compliance very seriously. They can even place a vehicle out of service if repairs are needed. Skipping inspections is often aimed at reducing administrative costs. However, it can also lead to safety issues.

Keeping up with DVIRs can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are software solutions to make the process easier.

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