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8 Ball Pool Popular Table Game: Everything You Need to Know

8 ball pool

Every day, millions of players enjoy 8 Ball Pool, either as a pastime or to win rewards. Gaming is a lucrative industry in India, and with millions of gamers, the 8 Ball Pool online game continues to attract a massive player base. So let’s consider what the game is all about and the ways to play.

History of the 8 Ball Pool

The game of billiards, or as it is now known, pool, has a long history. In the original indoor game, shoving the ball was common rather than striking using wooden sticks, known as maces.

Later on, in the 1600s, cue sticks replaced the mace, which was inconvenient due to the large head. Interestingly, only men used the cue to play at first. Women used a mace as other players assumed they would rip the cloth on the table while using the cue.

At some point, players used chalk to increase friction between the cue stick and the ball, which increased the performance. The development of the cue stick allowed players to apply topspin or side spin to the ball.

The pool table originally had flat walls for rails, but the players realised the balls could bounce off the rails. This gave birth to the bank shot.                                                                                                                                                         

How to Play 8 Ball Pool

It’s now possible to enjoy a game through an 8 ball pool app after downloading it. Playing is easy and involves the steps given below.

  1. Setting Up the Game

The setting involves understanding the basics of the game, including what it takes to be the winner. Rack the balls by using the triangular rack. Start by arranging them at the opposite side of the headshot, and remove the triangle so that the balls remain. To arrange the balls, set the 8-ball in the centre of the triangle and the 1-ball at the point facing the break. Then place a stripe in one corner of the triangle and a solid ball in the other. 

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In an 8 ball pool game, the break shot is performed by striking the 1-ball (or the 1-ball in combination with other balls) from behind the head string, which is an imaginary line running across the table near the head of the table.

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Learning the terminology associated with an 8 Ball pool game is crucial so that you are confident in your play. These include:

  • Object Balls- These are the balls used in playing. Each game has a cue ball; the object balls are the ones you try knocking into the pockets.
  • Rail – This is the bank on the side of the pool table that prevents the balls from falling.
  • Pocket – These are the baskets along the rim of the table. There are six in total, four at the corner of the table and two at the midpoint along the long side of the table. Pocketing is the term used when you knock the object balls into a pocket.
  • Scratch – This happens when there is a foul at the game, such as when a player accidentally knocks the cue ball into the pocket. The player will lose their turn, and the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere.
  • Open Table – This is when players are yet to determine their choice of numbered balls. When a table is open, players can hit a stripe first to make a solid or vice versa.
  • Cue Stick and Balls – The cue stick drags or moves the ball and gives a shot. The object balls are 15 numbered balls, striped, coloured and a cue ball.
  • The Break – It is the initial shot, where one player has to break the rack using the cue stick. In physical games, players typically determine who goes first by flipping a coin or other means.

    2. Beginning the Game
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You will hear the term, break the rack often when players are about to begin a game. A player aims for the rack using the cue ball and knocks into the triangle of balls with force.

A legal shot involves pocketing a ball or driving at least four balls to the rail. It is declared a foul if a player doesn’t execute a proper break. The rules of this money winning games must therefore be understood by the player before playing it.

3. Playing 

Playing the 8 Ball pool online is exciting and intriguing. A player must pocket the solids or stripes without making your opponent’s ball, as this is a foul. As you play, ensure that you call your shots, such as saying ‘3-ball, corner pocket’. However, if it’s just a casual game, there’s no need to call the shots. The first player to pocket the 8-ball legally wins the game.

Millions of gamers play 8 Ball Pool daily, making it the most downloaded game ever. You may want to know what the 8 Ball Pool game is about and why it has such a huge fan base. It has a rich history and is quite easy to play. Play big, win bigger from our exciting 8 ball pool game at big cash. Beginners and experts can participate, as we also provide tips and hints on how to play. Happy playing!

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