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Benefit more from custom candle Packaging boxes

Did you know custom candle packaging boxes are the best tools to store candles? Always purchase taper candles that come in custom candle boxes that allow flat positioning of candles. This position prevents the candles from warping. It is better to wrap each of these individually in bubble wrap to minimize the risks associated with damages. In modern times the candles in jars are very popular. To store these candles, always select large compartmentalized cardboard boxes. 

Always ensure keeping the candle jars in the upright position, so that even if the wax melts, it does not leak or seep. The candle jars are stacked one on top of another to save space in the storage boxes. Keep these storage boxes out of reach of kids and pets. When storing candles, they should be kept in dark and cooler spaces. Try and use the original custom candle boxes for storage purposes.

All the votive candles I have, are stored in their custom-printed candle packaging boxes. Although these candles do not get damaged easily, they melt and stick together. It is the reason their original retail custom-printed candle boxes include dividers.

When storing votive candles, the same dividers are used to ensure they remain secure. Some people freeze their candles, thinking it will make them last longer. We discourage this practice as it caused the wax to harden. Eventually, the candles burn slower but crackle and split more. When a candle is frozen repeatedly, it hardens the wick and makes it absorb moisture. If one is unable to store candles in their original custom-printed candle boxes and there is no dark space to store candles, they can be refrigerated.

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Custom candle packaging boxes for better branding

The branding elements on the custom candle packaging boxes help distinguish brands in the markets. They include;

  1. Logos
  2. Slogans
  3. Taglines
  4. Symbols and other related details

The printing and packaging companies have come up with versatile designs and customization tools that they apply to these custom candle packaging boxes to transform their looks. Instead of a transparent or paper box for a uniquely designed candle, these cardboard boxes look way more stunning and impart a valuable outlook to the product.

One of the most trending add-ons used on candle packaging boxes is foil stamping. It adds a metallic gleam to the cardboard boxes in which the candles are packaged. The aromatherapy candle packaging usually has beautiful quotes printed and treated with this add-on. It makes them stand out on the shelves of retailers. One can order this amazing product as a birthday present, a wedding, or a graduation gift. Candles have always been a companion in joyous moments as well as through times of sorrow to console the grieving. In addition, scented candles have medicinal benefits. They have essential oils, which have different properties and help in calming and relaxing individuals.

Candle packaging boxes are now available in biodegradable material as well. It does not harm the environment and the living creatures on it. This cardboard stock is durable and print-friendly. Packaging and printing professionals insist that it helps create beautiful retail boxes for candles. These retail boxes win the hearts of the customers and boost sales for respective candle brands. Most candle brands are now looking forward to packing their candles in cardboard-based packaging boxes.

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Get the perfect custom candle boxes in the USA

If looking for custom candle boxes, sift through the collection created by a California-based ClipnBox packaging company. Its range is affordable, functional, durable, and versatile. They offer the perfect fit according to product and company needs.

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