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Best Front-end Technologies for Web Development

Developing a website is pretty easy. All you have to do is hire a reputable software development service provider, but creating a website that seems attractive enough for your current and potential customers can be daunting and overwhelming. You see not having an attractive appearance can shoo your customers and compel them to switch to your competitors. So don’t let that happen! Instead, read away from the following post that focuses on the best front-end technologies to consider before you start your web development project.

The world of web development is pretty small, you see it simply revolves around the terms backend and frontend. Of course, both concepts cannot be covered in the following post. Still, I would like to shed some light on frontend frameworks and how software development companies use them to create wonders in your web development project.

A frontend framework is said when anything is visible on the website. I mean users can enjoy the look and feel of the website. With the help of relevant frontend frameworks, developers can build intuitive user interfaces for both large-scale and small-scale applications. Some of the popular frontend frameworks include – vue.js, react.js, angular, jquery, and Backbone Js.

 Why Use Frontend Technologies?

  • It offers reusable templates and elements
  • Task automation
  • Increases developer’s efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlines the development process
  • Easy code optimization and debugging

Best Frontend Development Technologies to Consider


One of the leading Javascript frameworks used to conduct hassle-free front-end development is Vue.js. With the help of Vue.js, developers can develop complex applications. Here what exactly happens is that HTML components are being stretched out to record reusable code. Now technically speaking, all these components can be customized. It may quite interest you to know that Vue comprises of over 26.6K Github stars.

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One of the significant advantages offered by Vue is it comprises no pedigree. Not to mention that this lightweight and easy-to-learn framework enables you to build both dynamic and small web applications. Some of the renowned companies considering Vue include Alibaba, 9gag, and Xiaomi. Benefits of using Vue.js include:

  • Detailed documentation
  • Possibility of developing both dynamic and simpler apps
  • Virtual DOM makes everything easy
  • Great flexibility and scalability
  • Anything can be created from the scratch


Another interesting front-end technology is React.js. Developed by Facebook, React now turns out to be one of the most popular frontend javascript frameworks much like Angular and Vue.js. During its initial phase, React.js was introduced in Facebook’s newsfeed and now it has been successfully added to Instagram. Some of the best examples of React.js framework include – Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Whatsapp, Discord, and so forth.

How does the front-end technology work? The framework React uses the classic model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. Virtual DOM is one such unique feature that makes React.js a cut above.

DOM often known as Document Object Models (DOMs) are nothing but APIs that cannot just access the document but also manipulate it. Here the main characters are XML and HTML and each one of these is treated as an object. Benefits of using React.js include:

  • It is easy
  • Reusability
  • The virtual DOM
  • Mobile Development
  • Writing with JSX is easy and prevents injection attacks


Our next front-end technology is Angular. Though, the open-source javascript-based platform is highly recommended for developing single-page applications. The technology was introduced in 2009 and since then it has been gaining immense popularity like never before. You see today you will find a huge community backing Angular. So even if you end up hiring a beginner, I am sure he will be able to come up with the best possible solution for you. You see in case, if he faces any problem, the team of veteran Angular developers available in the community are ready to help. Paypal,  Goodfilms, Freelancer, Upwork, IBM, Netflix, Gmail, and The Guardian are some of the finest examples of using Angular. Benefits of Angular include:

  • Two-way binding
  • Bug Fixes and Modules available
  • Maintain consistency and reusability of code
  • Declarative user interface
  • Google Support
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Ember js

Another attention-grabbing front-end technology that must be taken into consideration is Ember.js. Again this one also comprises component-based functionality and a two-way binding procedure. So you see it is a safe bet to say that Angular and Ember are quite similar. LinkedIn and Apple are some of the best examples of Ember.js. What makes this frontend framework a cut above? Well, it enables software developers to develop solutions no matter how simple or complex they are in a hassle-free manner. Benefits offered by Ember.js include:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Two-way binding
  • It is a full-fledged ecosystem
  • Even though there are new updates, Ember remains compatible with an older versions of the apps
  • Deploying rich user interfaces is possible


Last but certainly not least frontend development technology to consider for conducting mobile development is Ionic. This one features an open-source software development kit that is used to build hybrid mobile applications. What exactly is Ionic comprised of?

A sass-based UI framework is mainly used for optimizing mobile UIs. Here it may quite interest you to know that even the Angular framework is taken into consideration for developing quick scalable applications. And in the end comes the compiler is mainly used to build mobile apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Some of the benefits of Ionic include:

  • There is a huge possibility to fabricate applications
  • Its structure is easy and less complicated
  • Delivering Ionic-fabricated APIs is possible

Final Thoughts

Front-end development is one such aspect that must be taken into consideration. All the aforementioned technologies are the best available and can be used significantly by developers irrespective of their experience level. The technology seems to be evolving pretty much and it’s high time you should get evolved too.

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So that’s all for now! In case if you have still any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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