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Can I Take A Blood Test Online At Home

Blood tests are the backbone of modern-day diagnostics. They are used to screen and look for a range of medical conditions. Millions of blood tests are administered worldwide every day, and for a good reason. A blood test reveals insights into the health of your organs that would not be otherwise possible.

Getting your blood tested regularly is a great way to keep up with your health and prevent any issues before they occur. That said, we recognize how issues with accessibility, timing, and a busy routine might be an obstacle. Getting your blood tested at home sounds like the perfect fix. Luckily, Cura Labs offers the service of online lab testing, so you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.

What Conditions Can a Blood Test Diagnose?

A blood test involves examining the many components that make up your blood. Blood tests are used to screen for many medical conditions. Resultantly, there are many different types of blood tests. The following are some examples of blood tests

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Blood Enzyme Testing
  • Lipid profile
  • Blood clotting tests
  • Bone marrow tests
  • Hormone tests

Each of these blood tests may have its prior requirements. Your doctor will typically inform you what preparations you have to make beforehand.

Why do Doctors do Blood Tests?

There are a few reasons why blood tests are administered. The following are just a few examples.

  • A blood test is a great way for doctors to evaluate whether or not a treatment plan is working.
  • To check if your blood is clotting properly
  • For the diagnosis of diseases
  • To check for drugs
  • To check for pregnancy
  • To screen for the presence of genetic mutations or abnormalities
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Regardless of which reason a blood test is done, it’s a great tool for healthcare professionals to get a screenshot of your overall health and well-being.

Which Blood Tests Can You Take At Home?

Cura Labs offers a streamlined process for online lab testing. This includes precise and easy-to-follow instructions for blood sampling and collection. You will be sent an in-home testing kit manufactured by myLab Box. The following tests can be done from home under this service.

  • HIV Test
  • Testosterone Test
  • Hepatitis C test
  • Hepatitis B test
  • Cholesterol and Lipids test
  • Heart Health test
  • Fitness test
  • Diabetes-Haemoglobin A1c

Each of these tests will require prior arrangements. For instance, a testosterone test is typically taken in the early morning, before 10 am. 

How to Prepare for At-Home Blood Tests

While each blood test may have its requirements, there are a few precautions that are applicable for each type. It is advisable to avoid vigorous exercise in the 2-3 hours following up to any type of blood test. This is particularly true for lipid profile tests and also for glucose levels. 

Skewed results can present healthcare professionals with the wrong information, which will eventually lead to a treatment plan that is not catered to the patient’s actual situation. Another precaution to take is to make clear to your doctor whether the medications you are on could potentially impact results. 

Oftentimes, doctors will require you to discontinue the usage of certain medications before a blood test to obtain the most accurate results. For instance, antibiotic medications have been known to elevate blood glucose test results. 

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Knowledge of these precautions is particularly important when you’re operating in an out-of-clinic setting, as those taking a blood test online at home may not have access to this information.

How to Order an Online Lab Test

Since online lab testing hasn’t quite become mainstream yet, there is confusion regarding this service. Now that we’ve established which types of blood tests you can order at home from Cura Labs. It’s good to know how to go about ordering such a kit. 

  • Head on over to the services tab on our webpage
  • You’ll find an option that says home testing. Click on this and find the test you’re looking for out of the 5 categories in home diagnostics.
  • Add to the cart, and fill in your billing information.

How to Perform an At-Home Blood Test

Typically, when you’re getting your blood tested in a lab setting, you will have a larger volume of blood drawn. First, wash your hands and sanitize them, to prevent any contaminants from interfering with the test kit.  

For an at-home blood kit, all you have to do is use the lancet provided in the kit to prick a small drop of blood from the tip of your finger. Your ring finger is a good option. If too little blood comes out, do not squeeze the area. This might interfere with test results by setting in action a process known as hemolysis. 

Next, after you have placed the drop of blood on the paper noted for sample collection, close the package and mail it to the fulfillment center address. 

Are At-Home Blood Tests Accurate?

Blood tests from home have comparable accuracy to lab testing. Blood sampling using a prick is known to produce just as accurate results as the conventional way of drawing blood in clinics. This is dependent on whether you follow the instructions correctly and take the necessary precautions before the test as well as during.  

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You can then choose to send the test results to a physician of your choice or opt for an online doctor consultation if you’re trying to be cost-efficient. 

How to Book an Online Doctor Consultation

Cura Labs offers online doctor consultations for your convenience and saving needs. To get in touch with a doctor online, simply visit Cura4U and select the type of consultation that resonates with what you need, be it urgent, specialized, or primary care. 

After booking a consultation and making the payment, you will be directed to a healthcare professional for your consultation. You can then proceed for further consultations or online lab testing if necessary.


Many benefits come with online lab tests. Firstly, you save time and transport costs. This is applicable to those who have very busy schedules and can not make the commute to a healthcare facility that is far away. Some people require routine blood testing, and for them making frequent trips to a lab for testing can be both expensive and time-consuming. 

At-home blood tests are a great option for such people. The elderly can also benefit from this service, as commuting might prove to be a hassle. If that sounds like an issue you can relate to, head on over to Cura4U to get your blood-testing kit now!

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