Car Covers and Car Pooling – The Perfect Combination!

Go be part of a vehicle pool! You’ll experience exact approximately parking your vehicle in the driveway, avenue or automobile pool parking lot when you have a vehicle cover shielding it while you’re away. You’ll keep money on fuel and your automobile might be safe and sheltered whilst you operate alternative methods to get to work, faculty or run errands.

Imagine the social blessings you’ll get from parking your automobile. Your new automobile pool buddies may be resentful of how first-class your car is in your day to power. It becomes obvious which you are savvy about keeping its fee whilst leaving it parked. You understand that leaving any vehicle outdoor even parked on the driveway, avenue or vehicle pool parking zone will soon show the effects of long hours baking inside the hot sun. The luster, shine and paint finish will fade. A car sitting uncovered is prone to dings, dents and damage from sudden wind, dirt, rain, hail storms that could happen any time of the year.

Your new heightened focus of financial system and environmental effect will elevate you to new ranges of recognize all because of your selection to park your car and cowl it. Your decision to preserve your contemporary automobile looking exact and now not replacing it with an expensive new hybrid is a ambitious declaration. So whilst your friends ask you for recommendation, right here are a few pointers for outside, interior use and a best promoting vehicle cover:

Covercraft Weather Shield HD Car Covers

Coverking Satin Stretch Custom Car Covers

Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Covers

Covercraft Noah Car Covers

The Covercraft Weather Shield HD car cover is a sturdy and sturdy car cowl for outdoor use that gives you superior protection and breath-capacity for severe solar publicity and long term storage. This vehicle cowl gives UV opacity and it repels waters, blocks dirt, tree sap and chicken droppings from sticking to your car.

One the first-class promoting automobile covers is the Covercraft Noah automobile cowl. Lightweight and smooth to put on and take off fast, the Noah vehicle cover presents high-quality breath-ability and smooth protecting layer at an low cost price.

2016 – LEXUS GS-F

High performance, four doors and a spacious interior with the ability to comfortably accommodate five adults are some of the features of the new Lexus GS-F. Previously, the few cars in the world that met these characteristics usually had German names, but now this is no longer the case. From now on, Lexus joins manufacturers of family-friendly sports models, with the expansion of the Lexus F models, with the development of the GS-F and the revelation at the Detroit Motor Show. The highly anticipated sports sedan GS-F, which combines luxury, interior quality and the performance of a sports coupe is the latest model of the brand’s high performance “F” model line which at this moment already includes some notable examples at dodge ram 2500 car covers such as the Lexus RC-F. Based on the GS sedan, the more sporty GS-F opens new avenues for Lexus to expand the models with the “F” logo. “Models with the ‘F’ designation are designed to create a very positive emotion for the driver, because they are so fun to drive, regardless of driving style or road type. a special car that not only surpassed the expectations of the most demanding driving enthusiasts but was also a vehicle that all people could enjoy.Therefore, the GS-F is imbued with a sound, response and intrinsic power of all the ‘F’ models of Lexus, “said YukihikoYaguchi, chief engineer of the Lexus GS-F.

Powerful V8 and an 8-speed sports transmission

Under the hood is a powerful 5.0-liter V8 aspirated engine that produces a remarkable 477 hp and a maximum torque of more than 530 Nm. The engine is coupled to an extremely fast 8-speed automatic transmission with manual switching capabilities and four different operating modes: Normal, Eco, SPORT S and SPORT S +, the latter designed specifically for circuit use. The new GS-F stands out with a reference weight in its segment, with only 1,830 kg, the new sports sedan of rear traction will provide benefits of a sports coupe, with good accelerations, as well as its ability to reach high speed maximum, should cause some embarrassment to models developed for the competition. Even providing high power,

Dynamics in the demanding Nürburgring circuit

The GS-F will have structural reinforcements in the platform and a suspension system developed exclusively to accompany the accurate dynamics. The latest model of the “F” line delivers exceptional performance, typical of a sports car, after being developed and regulated not only on circuits in Japan but also on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany. This model’s firm, adaptable suspension along with generously sized tires (255 / 35-19 at the front and 275 / 35-19 at the rear) coupled with an improved brake system (with bright orange tweezers) give the GS- F a remarkable stability at high speed and accurate dynamics of a sports car. These elements provide a nearly neutral behavioral balance in virtually any type of curve. The innovative Lexus torque-vectorized differential (DTV) in the RC-F will be part of the GS-F’s long series of standard equipment, putting the dynamics on a different level.

The TVD allows three modes of operation:

– Standard – provides a balance between agility and stability

– Slalom – privileges rapid changes of direction by dynamically setting the GS-F

– Track – enhances high-speed cornering traction and stability

Design bold defined by “Form That Follows Function”

The new Lexus GS-F features a dual-trapezoid grid version, a Lexus image, more accentuated with a distinct mesh pattern reserved for F-line models, and large air intakes perfectly integrated in the front of the car. The slim, signature Lexus L-shaped daytime headlights complete the front design that is sleek and sporty at the same time. The Lexus GS-F is significantly shorter and wider than the other GS models, resulting in an aggressive look that, together with its air vents in the front fender and the sporty 19-inch alloy wheels, make it easily recognizable as an “F”. The rear is highlighted by a subtle carbon fiber rear spoiler and trapezoidal shaped exhaust tips with four chrome exhaust ports, Inside the interior of the new Lexus GS F was “spicy”. It is dominated by a concept of form that follows the function, with all the ergonomically positioned controls for the driver to easily reach them. Positioned behind the sports steering wheel “F”, the new instrument panel can be set between four different dials, depending on the driving style selected: Normal, Eco, SPORT S and SPORT S +. In addition, the front and rear seats are exclusive to this version, offering greater lateral support to the occupants, without sacrificing comfort.

Despite all the sporting details, the Lexus GS-F continues to provide a level of luxury on board, thanks in part to the Alcantara coating on the door panels, the center console and the top of the instrument panel. An analog clock adds a touch of class to the already stylish dashboard, which features a large central screen controlled by a remote control in the center console. The GS-F can be equipped with a premium audio system of 17 speakers from Mark Levinson that will satisfy the most demanding of the connoisseurs of sound, but when the idea is to listen to the music coming from the engine just activate Active Sound Control ( ASC) by selecting the “SPORT S” or “SPORT S +” positions. The ASC, “This is what characterizes all the cars bearing the F logo, and it was our intention to design the Lexus GS-F in such a way as to demonstrate this character.” The design philosophy of the GS-F is that ” follows the function. “For example, the GS-F’s dual trapezoidal grid was born to further improve car aerodynamics and engine cooling, while the air vents on the front bumper (first applied on the IS-F and later in the RC-F) were adopted in the GS-F due to their efficiency in brake cooling. The design direction followed by the GS-F has the same philosophy of other Lexus, the ‘Progressive Luxury’, and I feel that this car conveys the brand message to perfection, “said Yoshiharu Nakajima, the chief design designer for the Lexus Design Division.

New approach in the safety chapter – Lexus +

Using a millimeter-wave radar in conjunction with a camera to detect cars and pedestrians ahead of you, Lexus models (including the GS-F) will be equipped with a new safety approach . A multifunctional system that includes several functions such as Pre-Collision (PCS), which provides alerts, braking assistance and automatic braking to help prevent collisions or reduce their consequences if it does. Also included are: Lane Departure Warning (LDA) to alert the driver if there is an unintentional exit from the lane, and High-Speed ​​Automatic Headlight System (AHS) to improve comfort and safety during night driving.

2016 – LEXUS IS 200t

– The new version is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine generating 245 hp will be on the European market in September

Lexus has announced that it will include the 2.0-liter petrol turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the IS sedan line after having also introduced it in the NX SUV and RX. The IS 200t is expected to be available in September on the European market. The engine of the new version, with 245 hp and 350 Nm of maximum torque, works on the Atkinson and Otto cycle, with a dual-input turbo, a direct injection system, water cooled cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold. It works in conjunction with the new eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission, with butterflies on the steering wheel. With these characteristics, the rear-wheel-drive sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.0 seconds and reaches a top speed of 230 km / h, announcing a consumption of 14.3 km / l. This model should replace the IS 250 with a 2.5 V6 aspirated engine of 204 hp.


Recently Lexus announced the arrival of the 2.0 turbo engine to its smaller sedan, the Lexus IS 200t. Now the Japanese brand has presented all the details about the year / model 2016 to the US. But the mechanical novelties for the Lexus IS do not end here, in the US will be offered with a new version V6 gasoline of 3.5 liters. This new version corresponds to the Lexus IS 300 AWD, which is equipped with a 3.5 V6 258-hp engine and 319 Nm of torque. The transmission is automatic six-speed and also offers total traction. Anyone who still wants more power will be able to use the Lexus IS 350, which was already offered in the USA, with the same 3.5 V6 engine, but with 310 hp, 375 Nm of torque and the possibility to choose between single or total traction. The total traction system used in the Lexus IS helps to better traction on surfaces with poor grip. It is an automatic drive system that varies the torque combination from 30:70 to a maximum of 50:50, so it is a permanent full-drive model with variable combination. In this way, the Lexus IS line for the US is structured by the IS330h hybrid version of 223 hp combined, the IS 200t turbocharged of 245 hp, the new IS 300 AWD of 258 hp and the most powerful IS 350 with 310 hp.


The Lexus IS Sriracha Concept was created by West Coast Customs experts. The American preparer had a very clear goal: to make a very spicy car. And for that, it showed a pretty flashy job on the sedan body. The main particularity of the Sriracha IS is the color of its body, which was painted in a shade reminiscent of the spicy sauce. The car also lacks the counterpoint in green ‘jalapeño’ that also appear in the glasses of the sauce. This detail can be seen on the front grille and brake calipers. “The new Lexus IS is such a spicy car that we decided to make this Sriracha version with all the details that fans of this sauce will appreciate,” commented Brian Smith – Lexus marketing VP. But the Lexus IS Sriracha still hides a great secret. In its concealed trunk is 43 glasses of Sriracha that will surely be very useful for fans of this spicy sauce if they are in an ’emergency situation’.


The Lexus LF-A ‘Mad Max’ by Vossen is a perfect example of how to change the soul of a car with just two small touches. The people of Vossen Wheels, an American wheel manufacturer located in Miami, took as a base a Lexus LF-A that, according to them, used every day: on the speedometer, 50,000 km proudly appears. Surely this change in the visual will leave the owner of the car wanting to use it for at least another 50,000 km. The formula used in this Lexus LF-A is simple: a matte black sticker that gives the car a scary and aggressive touch, eliminating any trace of chrome, including the trademark logo, and spectacular wheels of the house in a rust finish, to the purest style ‘Mad Max’. The set is ominous, but sophisticated in turn. The forged wheels chosen are of the VPS-305T model and in the gallery images you can see how well they fall in the car in the middle of the desert. Inside, the look is also stylish, as beige leather floods much of the sophisticated interior of the LF-A. Under the hood, the engine gets no changes, following the spectacular 500 hp V10.

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