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Chicken Pox Vaccine In Birmingham And West Midlands

Chickenpox is a common disease among children and sometimes in adults as well. They cause itchiness and rashes all over the skin. There are clinics for the chickenpox vaccine in Birmingham and West Midlands. Following are the symptoms of chickenpox before the rash appears on your skin:

High Temperature: A person affected by chicken pox may feel feverish.

Headaches: They can also have severe headaches

Loss of Appetite: A person doesn’t feel the need of eating or drinking anything.

Feeling of Ailing: The patient will feel low, drowsy, and tired. They are unable to perform any physical activity.

Rashes: Spots may appear on different parts of the body. They are kind of small blisters which cause itchiness.

Listed Below Are The Groups At Risk From Chickenpox:

  • Childbearing women who haven’t had chickenpox.
  • Those who have a weak immune system. For example, patients suffering from leukemia, those who are taking steroid medications, having chemotherapy, or with HIV/AIDS.
  • Patients with lung or heart disease
  • Patients with severe skin infections.
  • Babies less than 1 month old.
  • Adults.
  • Infants whose mothers never had a vaccine.

There are three different stages chickenpox goes through:

  1. Red bumps break after several months.
  2. Fluid-filled blisters are formed from the raised bumps.
  3. Crusts and scabs may take several days to heal.

Following Are The Important Measure You Should Consider:

It is necessary to cut the nails of the person who is affected with chickenpox because they can scratch the blisters which can lead to severe skin infections. If your baby is suffering from chickenpox, you should cover the hands with cotton socks. To be on the safe side antibacterial soap can be used.

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If your child is suffering from chicken pox it is better not to send them to school as this disease is highly contagious and other kids would be at high risk to catch this disease even before the rashes appear on the skin of the affected person. Once the blister is turned into crust, then it will not be contagious anymore. There is a possibility that adults can also be exposed to chicken box who doesn’t have a good immune system or who haven’t had this disease in their childhood.

Chickenpox can be easily spread through the air, inhaling the air of the person suffering from the disease, through touching or sneezing, and by contact with the infected person.

You can prevent chickenpox through a vaccine. These are the effective vaccine that will help protect from the viruses that cause chickenpox. These vaccines apply to adults and children. Babies can also get vaccines at the age of 12 months. You can keep yourself safe and healthy with the proper Chicken Pox vaccine in Birmingham and West Midlands. For more details click here.

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