Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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What is meant by window shades?

We all have heard the name of the windows in our life and we have used them as well. They have a very important role in our life and they are mainly used in homes and buildings. The use of windows has made things easier and has benefited us in many ways.

In the same way, just like we humans wear clothes to keep our skin protected, in the same way, there are window shades that are a part of windows and they have significant importance for the windows. They are an extra part which has to be bought separately and they are used for covering up the windows. They have many uses and benefits which are beneficial in many ways.

What is meant by custom window shades?

We all love to dress up in the way that we like and decorate our home the way we want it because it is our personal choice and opinion. As we all humans have different choices and opinions, we do things differently from one another. Similarly, we buy custom window shades. They are specially made on the preference and choices of our own and is designed completely in such a way that we want them to be. It is not available in the stores on its own and you have to give special orders to make such window shades.

What does a custom window shade include?

The following list is included in our preference and choice which includes.

  • Size
  • Color
  • Design
  • Material
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What is the advantage of using custom window shades?

  • It can be made in the way how we want it to be and customize to our own choice and preference.
  • It gives a unique look as they are not available at stores by default, it has to be made on Special   Demand of the customers which makes it remain unique and not much common that everyone has.

      At times in stores, window shades are manufactured in different size which is the default size and at times those size does not tend to fit our window and we cannot find the same size at any store, which gets very frustrating and that crucial situation, the use of custom window shades is the best answer we have, as it can be made according to the size of our window.

     What is the disadvantage of using custom window shades?

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of using them is that, as they are made according to the special order, they are more expensive than normal window shades.
  • At times when we start to customize it, we lose its natural nature as it is made from our preferences and choices and not how they were supposed to be made.

     How much does a custom window shade cost?


      As there are different types of people’s choices and preferences, there are different materials and work to be added to the window shades which adds up the price according to the work done and material being used. Thus to conclude, I would consider that the custom window shades price starts from around $250 and can go as high as $500. Depending upon the materials being added and the work being done, thus the price varies. But for $200 to 300 we can get premium-quality of window shades with long-lasting durability which is not too expensive or too cheap.

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