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How Much Does A Schengen Visa Cost?

If you are applying for the Schengen Visa, there is an application fee for visas that must be paid upon application submission. The documents are necessary for the visa application, like proof of accommodation, passport, flight reservation, travel insurance, and paying the Schengen Visa fee essential to ensure that your visa application will be approved. If this fee is not received, your application will be considered unsatisfactory and won’t be processed further.

Schengen Visa Fee

Schengen visa cost is different as follows:

Category Amount in EUR Amount in USD
Adults 80.00€ $88.53
Children (6-12 years old) 40.00€ $44.26
Children (younger than 6 years old) Free Free
Holders of diplomatic passports traveling for official purposes Free Free
Family members of an EU/EEA national Free Free
Students and teachers during a school trip Free Free
Researchers and scientists traveling for professional reasons Free Free
Representative of nonprofit organizations (25 years or less) Free Free
Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan 35€ $38.73


Who Is Exempt From Paying The Fee?

Apart from children who are under 6 years of age, The below categories of visa applicants are also exempted from paying fees for the Schengen visa cost:

  • Passport holders with diplomatic, official, or service passports traveling for official reasons
  • Family members of a national from the EU/EEA
  • Students, pupils, and their teachers on a school trip
  • Researchers traveling to carry out research
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Visa fees can also be reduced for those under 25 at conferences, seminars, sports events, and cultural or educational events that non-profit groups organize. This decision is made in each case on its basis based on the significance of the event.

How To Pay The Schengen Visa Fee?

Acceptable methods of payment to pay the Schengen visa fees are cash and debit cards, credit or cash, and check or payment. You often pay the fee before or after submitting your application. You then need to join the receipt to all the other required documents.

The consulate or embassy handling your request will determine the payment method you choose. If you make an appointment, you’ll be informed about the needed payment procedure.

Additional Fees And Costs

In addition to the Schengen visa fees, You may also be faced with some of the costs that come with a Schengen Visa application

Third-Party Service Providers Charge Visa Processing Fees

Most Member States use third-party service companies to process visa applications and supporting documents. These companies (visa centers for applications like VFS Global, TLS, and so on) can charge processing costs up to 50% of the Schengen fee for a visa.

Travel Medical Insurance

In order to apply to pay for the Schengen visa, you should have Schengen health insurance for travel which is valid for all those Member States. Schengen insurance for travel is affordable. The cost for a one-week basic insurance policy varies between EUR18 to EUR30. But, the price will vary based on the length of time you plan to stay for, e.g., your travel time and the length of your trip and insurance options.

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Translation Services

The documents you submit when applying for a Schengen Visa must be translated into English or in the officially recognized languages (s) for that Schengen Member State that you are going to. The translation has to be verified by a translation company, so you might have to pay an additional charge. The cost of translation varies in each country.

Courier Or Mailing Fees

If you are applying for a Schengen visa, it is common to give your visa to the Embassy. The consulate/embassy or visa center must return your passport when a decision is taken. The cost for this is the cost of the courier, which differs from nation to nation.

Can You Pay Schengen Visa Fee Online?

It is often possible to pay the Schengen Visa fee online. Many Schengen nations offer payment options on their visa application portals or payment platforms specifically designed for them, where you can pay for the visa cost using payment methods such as debit or credit card.

But, it’s essential to know the particular conditions and procedure of the nation’s embassy and consulate you’re using to apply for a Schengen Visa. Schengen Visa. They’ll provide instructions for making payments and if the online option is offered for your specific situation. You should adhere to the guidelines and procedures given by the authorities to ensure a smooth and effective payment procedure.

Pro Tip:

The actual flight costs a lot and requires full payment before departure. If there is a visa refusal, it could result in a huge cost. So always go for the dummy ticket for Schengen visa.

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