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How should the event management companies manage events during COVID-19

It was the end of the year 2019, businesses were flourishing, everyone was happy and everything was normal. Then the world was struck by the devastating pandemic COVID-19. It changed everything for everyone. A continuous threat prevailing the mankind changed the way we viewed our routine things. All business changed their course of action and so did the event management companies in Pakistan. All social gatherings were prohibited and then restricted and now the circumstances have eased a little and people have learned how to manage their social gathering events with prescribed SOPs. There isn’t a single event organizer that can say that they are exempted from the SOPs. However, things don’t stop from a pandemic, events must be planned with caution. The few rules of thumb to follow through event planning owing to the pandemic which we shall be discussing through the following read:

Ensure COVID-19 PPEs:

Meet-ups and gathering events are not a problem during the Covid-19 era as long as everyone is taking care of themselves and the essentials. With the recent tide of rising coronavirus cases in Lahore, event management companies should take necessary measures to ensure that everyone visiting an event is complying with PPEs. They can arrange for entrance screening and forbid people from entering the event unless they are complying with the PPE SOPs. They can also make the essentials available at the entrance so that nobody attends the event without necessary prevention.

Social distancing arrangement:

As prescribed by the leading health organizations of the world, people must maintain certain proximity to each other in social gatherings to prevent the spread of the ailment. Especially for corporate events that happen quite frequently; corporate event planners must make arrangements so that everyone can maintain a certain distance from each other throughout the gathering. It is essential as per the defined health concerns. Not just the sitting arrangement but also the entrance and exit patterns of the visitors should be regulated.

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Walk-through sanitizing:

PPEs will only prevent the virus microbes to spread from the inside of the human body. But what to do if the clothing surface is contaminated? For that purpose, the event organizer must arrange for the walk-through sanitizing gates on the entrance and exits. This will prevent the possibility of the disease being spread from event activities that require touching certain surfaces. Small quantities of disinfecting liquids sprayed all over the body are sufficient to minimize the possibility. For hands, there must be easily accessible hand sanitizers for common use.

Checking for symptoms:

Ideally, there should be a physician arranged at the entrance to look for COVID-19 symptoms among the visiting public. But there are a few other steps that can be taken to prevent the possibility of an infected person entering the arrangement. There are these IR thermometers that can tell the temperature of the human body through the skin. They should be arranged to check the visitors physically. Then there are other symptoms like cough and flu that can be observed with the naked eye. Any suspect should be avoided to enter the premises considering the threatening situation it entails. With a little care and it can all be managed effectively in a sound manner.

Managing various corporate-level events throughout the pandemic, Black Diamond has an adept approach to handling the prevailing circumstances. Black Diamond emerged as a versatile and adoptive amongst the event management companies in Lahore, which knows how to handle delicate situations like COVID-19 effectively. We know what time requires and how to produce the results that you require from your events. Dynamic event management solution awaits you getting in touch with us. Just focus on your event goals and leave the management in our capable hands.

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How should the event management companies manage events during COVID-19
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