How Should You Use and Care for Your Satin Pyjamas?


Satin pyjamas are one of the most luxurious products on earth. They’re soft and comfortable, but they also have a certain glamour to them that makes any woman feel like a movie star. Plus, they’re easy to clean, which is always a bonus. But if you’ve never owned satin pyjamas before, it’s important to know how and when to use them. Here are some pro tips for putting your new satin pyjamas in the proper context:


  • Don’t machine wash your satin pyjamas! The heat and friction of the washing machine can cause damage to the delicate fabric. Instead, hand-wash them in cold water with a gentle detergent.
  • Use a towel to gently soak up any excess moisture before laying them flat on a dry surface (like an ironing board or table) to dry naturally—do not use a hair dryer as this will melt the satin!
  • Iron at low temperature only if absolutely necessary; otherwise, don’t iron at all!

Rule #2: DON’T TUMBLE DRY YOUR satin pyjamas

The second rule for caring for your satin pyjamas is to DON’T TUMBLE DRY YOUR satin pyjamas.

While it’s tempting to toss them in the dryer, doing so can damage the fabric and shorten its lifespan. Instead, hang your new pair out on a clothesline or lay them flat to dry (don’t worry about wrinkles—they’ll fall out after a few hours). If you don’t have time to hang them outside, we recommend washing in cold water on a gentle cycle and then hanging them over an indoor balcony or drying rack. Hot temperatures are best avoided because they’ll cause the material to fade faster than normal; likewise, don’t iron your satin pyjamas at any point during their lifespan—it will melt holes into them!

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If you must use an iron on your PJs before wearing them for the first time, do so very carefully with low heat settings (never steam). Do not ever use bleach or fabric softener on these items!

Rule #3: DON’T WRING OR TWIST YOUR satin pyjamas

The third rule is: DON’T WRING OR TWIST YOUR satin pyjamas. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it actually happens all the time. Sometimes by accident, other times on purpose. We see people doing this when they’re trying to get their satin pyjama bottoms on over their legs or hips and butt area…and sometimes even when they’re just standing around in them!

This leads us to our fourth rule: DON’T USE A CLOTHES DRYER. It’s just not good for your clothes and will cause them to shrink over time if used frequently (which defeats the purpose of buying nice comfy soft ones). Also, don’t use a washing machine either – it’ll cause lint balls from clothing fibres to get stuck onto yours so much so that every time you wear them again, there’ll be more noticeable dust particles that stick onto themselves, making things look duller than before (and no one wants that).

TIPS FOR STORING satin pyjamas

When storing your satin pyjamas, keep the following in mind:

  • Store them in a dry place. The last thing you want is for them to get damp and start getting mouldy. If you’re going away for a while, it’s also worth taking along a little sachet of silica gel crystals that will help suck up moisture from the air and keep things nice and dry (these are cheap and available at most supermarkets).
  • Don’t store them in the sun or near heat sources like radiators or fires. This will cause them to fade more quickly than they otherwise would; even if you regularly wash them on a cool cycle with colour-safe bleach, this can happen if they’re exposed to too much light over time.
  • Don’t put them in the washing machine either! You might think this is obvious, but I’ve heard many stories of people doing exactly this by accident!”
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In the end, it all boils down to one thing – comfort. Women’s sleepwear should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don’t restrict yourself by thinking that you can only wear them in bed or at home. You can wear them anywhere, as long as they are appropriate for the occasion! If you follow these tips and tricks, your satin pyjamas will last a long time and look beautiful.


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