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How to apply makeup when you have oily skin?

Do you have oily skin but don’t know how to apply makeup without smothering it? Are you convinced that a mattified T-zone is the key to sublimating the complexion? For a daily studio result, Reana. pk gives you its best makeup for oily skin. And buy skincare products

Makeup for oily skin: the basic rules

Not content with requiring specific morning and evening care, oily, acne-prone skin also has its requirements in terms of makeup. Indeed, if the small imperfections are just waiting to be camouflaged, they can’t bear to be smothered. A foundation that is too rich or a blush that is too creamy and your skin declares war on pimples. We avoid, therefore, choosing greasy, compact cosmetics, and applying too much product on his skin.

The mattifying primer for combination skin

The use of a foundation is particularly recommended for oily skin. Indeed, we know that sebum tends to make the foundation run and create difficulties during its application. Used after moisturizing and before applying makeup, the base will smooth and unify the skin, thus facilitating the application of the foundation.

When choosing your base, follow the example of studio make-up artists: to neutralize the redness associated with pimples and inflammation, they use a green make-up base. This color being complementary to red in the chromatic circle has the power to cancel it. Goodbye small redness, and hello to a unified complexion.

Makeup for combination skin: apply the foundation

Using your fingers or a brush, apply the mattifying primer to your face, using circular movements from the center outwards.
Which loose powder for oily skin?

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For an optimal result, apply, after your foundation, a fluid mineral powder, mattifying and transparent. It is perfect for unifying the complexion quickly and very lightly. Another advantage? It is suitable for all skin tones.

Application of powder for combination skin:

Apply it with a flat fan brush, making small movements from the inside to the outside of the face.

Blush for combination skin

Your complexion is now perfectly made up and mattified, on the other hand, wouldn’t you say no to a little bit of radiance as a bonus? The mineral blush is there for that. Indeed, unlike overly rich “cream” blushes that have trouble settling on oily skin, wet n wild blush is made for them. Mattified, color, and long-lasting hold: your skin will love it.

Application of blush for oily skin:

Apply the mineral powder blush to the curves of your cheekbones, using circular movements. Rise slightly towards the temples.
Combination skin: how to successfully apply eye makeup?

If you have oily eyelids, you may have already given up on eye makeup. Eye shadows that fade after a few minutes, very little for you… Do you miss the smokey-eye however? Cosmo has an infallible trick to reveal to you: the eyeshadow primer. Often presented in the form of a light cream, this base mattifies the eyelids and provides a smooth, non-greasy surface. Ideal for applying shadows. Result: make-up that lasts for hours.

Application of the eyeshadow primer for combination skin:

Using your finger or a flat brush, apply a dab of product to all of your mobile eyelids. Then proceed to makeup with powder shadows. Buy now!

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