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How to Decorate Your Wall With Colored Pencil Sculpture?

Bare walls are never a thing of attraction. While thinking of the decoration in a room, most people pay attention to furniture and paste coats on the walls and believe that it’s enough. And some paste the colored wallpaper sheets on the walls to add some decoration. But all these things are not enough to make the walls of your room stunning. Adding some inspired wall art can change a dull wall into something attractive.

Things You Will Need:
Some of the things that you are going to need while following these methods are given below:

  • Colored Pencils
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Marker Colors
  • Cutter
  • Measuring Scale
  • Lead Pencil

Funky Frames for Art Pieces and Paintings:
One of the best ways to prettify the walls of your room is to make a fashionable painting frame with pencils. This will look amazing on every wall as it would be very colorful and attractive. For this, you will need a sheet of cardboard, glue, colored pencils, a cutter, a piece of foam in a square shape, and a scale for measurements.

Steps to Follow:

First of all, cut the cardboard into a rectangular or square shape whichever you want, and paste it on the wall. Then in the second step, take the piece of form and paste it in the center of the cardboard. This will give height to your paintings, and it will look at the same level where the pencils will be joined. Now paste the piece of art on that foam. Cut the pencils randomly into different lengths. But you must know that only sharpened pencils are required. This is because the tip of sharpened colored pencils will add more attraction than the unsharpened ones.

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Then comes the foremost step of this whole process. In this primary step, you have to stick the pencils on cardboard. But keep the sharpened side of one pencil towards the sharpened side of another colored pencil. Once you have joined all pencils together on the cardboard, a stylish frame for the paintings is ready to use. This inspired wall art, mainly using pencils, will surely impress all of your family members.

Inspired wall art with Hexagonal Designing:
If you have bare walls in your room and want to make it amazing in looks, then you must try the hexagonal design with the help of pencils. This is the best design to use pencils as inspired wall art in your rooms. For this, you need a large number of unsharpened pencils, a scale, a lead pencil, and glue.

Trace the shape of the hexagon all over the wall. But make sure that all these hexagons are the same in shape and angle. Once you have made these shapes on the entire wall, start sticking colored pencils on these hexagons. You have to stick pencils just on the boundaries and not inside the hexagons. It is a bit of time to take the task, but it would look inspiring. We have mentioned some inspired wall art ideas to help you in decorating boring walls into something classy and trendy. So follow these ideas to put some life on the walls of your rooms.

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