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Mitzvah DJ: Your Jewish Next-Next-Gen Online Music Service

Mitzvah DJ is a Jewish next-generation music service that connects Jewish musicians with Jewish audiences worldwide. Mitzvah DJ offers a suite of tools to help synagogue and temple members organize and manage their music programs, as well as share content and collaborate with other users. Mitzvah DJ is perfect for synagogue and temple members who are looking for an innovative way to connect with Jewish communities worldwide. With Mitzvah DJ, you can easily find Jewish musicians near you, manage your music program, and share content with other users.

Mitzvah DJ Overview

If you’re looking for a Jewish music service that not only offers streaming options but also integrates mitzvah DJing into the experience, you should check out Mitzvah DJ. Founded by two Israeli sisters, this online music service provides users with an intuitive interface, personalized recommendations based on their listening habits, and the ability to create their own playlists through drag-and-drop.

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Apart from personalizing your listening experience, Mitzvah DJ also includes unique features that are perfect for celebrating religious occasions. For example, users can add songs related to a particular Torah topic to their playlists, or choose songs related to a yarmulke wearer’s day of observance. In addition to tracks specific to Judaism, Mitzvah DJ also offers a wide variety of genres and styles of music, so there’s something for everyone.

Mitzvah DJ is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an online music service that incorporates Jewish values into the experience.

How Does Mitzvah DJ Work?

Mitzvah DJ is the perfect Jewish online music service for those who love to dance and groove to their favorite tunes. With Mitzvah DJ, you can easily find and select your favorite Jewish songs from a variety of genres, including religious, folk, modern rock, and more.

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If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate Shabbat or any other special occasion with your friends and family, Mitzvah DJ is the perfect online music service for you! With its easy-to-use interface, you can browse and listen to tracks from your favorite artists all in one place. Plus, Mitzvah DJ offers exclusive content not available anywhere else – so be sure to check it out!

Pricing and Plans

Mitzvah DJ is a Jewish music service that offers users access to personalized playlists and an interactive music discovery interface. The service provides users with the ability to listen to both traditional and contemporary Judaica music while also engaging in social media and conversation tools.

The Mitzvah DJ team offers three subscription plans: Standard, Plus, and VIP. The Standard plan includes ad-supported listening along with the ability to create up to 20 personalized playlists. The Plus plan provides ad-free listening along with the ability to create unlimited personal playlists, and the VIP plan includes premium features including private chat rooms, exclusive content, and priority customer service.

Mitzvah DJ also offers a range of customizable plans for synagogues and other institutions. These plans include a free tier that allows for unlimited use of the service, as well as premium tiers that offer additional benefits such as advanced playlist customization and offline listening capabilities.

Mitzvah DJ was created in order to provide Jewish individuals with a customizable online music service that can be used for both secular and religious purposes. The service offers a variety of subscription plans, as well as customizable plans for synagogues and other institutions.

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Features of Mitzvah DJ

Mitzvah DJ is the Jewish next-generation online music service that offers a unique and customizable listening experience. The Mitzvah DJ app features a live-streaming interface so you can listen to your favorite Jewish songs from anywhere in the world. You can also create your own playlist, add tracks from YouTube and SoundCloud, or browse through featured categories such as Shabbat Shalom, Hallelus, and Chanukah.

The Mitzvah DJ app is available for free on both the App store and Google Play store. You can also join the Mitzvah DJ community for exclusive content and giveaways.


Jewish weddings are a time-honored tradition, and it’s important that the music played at them reflects this. Thanks to online services like Mitzvah DJ, you can have professional DJs play the music that perfectly fits your Jewish wedding theme. From modern contemporary to traditional Hasidic tunes, our DJs will take care of everything so that your celebration is perfect.

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