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Regular Car Maintenance Is a Must and This is Why?

Most Americans spend at least 8 hours in their car every week, commuting to work or running daily errands. This level of dependency requires your vehicle to be in excellent condition at all costs. This is where regular car maintenance comes in. You should treat your car like the valuable and considerable investment it is.

The Importance of Car Maintenance

Increases Safety on the Road

Routine car maintenance ensures your safety on the road by preventing various vital parts, such as the engine, from breaking and causing accidents. It also prevents larger issues from occurring and eliminates the risk of dealing with a faulty or malfunctioning vehicle.

Boosts the Car’s Performance

Experienced mechanics will service your car and keep it in Good Condition. These experts also ensure that the engine, belts, steering wheel, and other car parts are performing well. Moreover, they identify the damaged car parts that need repair or replacement.

A well-maintained car also rides smoother and quieter. The maintenance reduces the risk of major faults, minimizes tear and wear, and prolongs your car’s lifespan.

Saves Money

Paying for regular maintenance services is cheaper than paying for repairs. It also lowers the cost of fuel. When a car is well-maintained and functioning correctly, it does not waste fuel. It also gives more mileage per gallon, meaning that you do not need to refill the tank more often. Therefore, take your car for regular servicing instead of waiting until it stops running to seek assistance from mechanics.

Reduces the Car’s Depreciation Value

A car depreciates as it gets older. However, you can resell this asset at a reasonable price provided you have been servicing it regularly. Individuals and companies that buy used cars always consider the regular maintenance that the car owners have performed.

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Others even ask for maintenance records to confirm the vehicle’s health. For these reasons, you should invest in regular servicing to maintain your car’s best value if you plan to put it on the market in the future.

How Often Does Your Car Need Maintenance?

Knowing your vehicle’s maintenance schedule prevents unnecessary maintenance and reduces service costs. The conflicting information on the internet causes confusion on how often motorists should take their vehicles for maintenance.

The truth is that this duration depends on various factors, such as your car’s age, manufacturer, and usage or mileage. However, you should follow the recommended maintenance schedule on your car’s service booklet or owner’s manual.

People who drive older vehicles depend on mileage-based maintenance reminder systems. On the contrary, newer models have in-vehicle maintenance reminder systems that consider various vehicle operating conditions. They alert you in the dash when you need to change oil, check the fluid level, or perform other maintenance services. Allow this system to guide your maintenance appointments.

Signs That Your Car Needs Maintenance

Monitoring your car’s behavior can help you determine whether it needs servicing in between the manufacturer-recommended maintenance intervals. Motorists should look out for the following warning signs.


A car stalling at intersections or when you attempt to accelerate it signifies an incoming problem. For example, the fuel filter could clog and interfere with the engine’s performance.

Hard Starts

You will know that your car needs servicing when it fails to start when you need it to or when it starts and fails to run. It could be experiencing different issues, such as a defective starter or weak battery.

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Soft or Loud Brakes

Brakes are designed to bring the car to a stop quietly and smoothly. If they squeak or produce a rhythmic vibration when you press the brake pedal, your vehicle may have a major issue. You should also look out for soft or “spongy” brake pedals that require a lot of strength to press.

Warning Lights

The little indicators on your car’s dashboard indicate when the vehicle’s system or components have an issue. Get a mechanic to diagnose these lights when they illuminate.

Poor Fuel Mileage

Your car might be experiencing a problem if it requires more fuel to cover the same distance. Reduced fuel mileage indicates a sticking brake pad, inefficiency in the car’s performance, or improper tyre pressure.

Why You Need Car Maintenance

Like other machines, vehicles need regular maintenance. The servicing helps them to run efficiently and smoothly. It also enables them to achieve optimal performance. You also need car maintenance to identify minor issues and solve them before they become major problems.

What Can Happen If You Do NOT Get Regular Car Maintenance?

Maintaining your car regularly prevents different mechanical issues, improves its performance, and maximizes its lifespan. However, some drivers prefer saving their money instead of paying for car servicing. Described below are the consequences of failing to maintain your car.

Increased Tear and Wear

Advancement in technology has contributed significantly to improvement in automotive engines. However, a lack of regular servicing can cause your car’s engine to wear out faster. Failing to change your fuel filters will cause poor filtration and interfere with the engine’s performance.

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Road Accidents

Poorly-maintained vehicles are likely to break down unexpectedly and cause accidents. For instance, the brakes can fail due to rust and corrosion, while tires can tear if a mechanic does not check them regularly. All these factors compromise your safety on the road.

Costly Repairs and Replacements

Servicing your car keeps it in good shape and helps you avoid the need to purchase a new one. Without this maintenance, you will spend more money repairing major parts because you did not identify the issue early enough.


In summary, your car will take care of you if you take care of it. Regular car maintenance is the secret to a safe, efficient, and smooth driving experience. Ensure that you take this important asset for servicing as the manufacturer recommends or if you notice signs like noisy brakes, stalling, and reduced fuel mileage.

Regular Car Maintenance Is a Must and This is Why?
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