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Self-operated window shades or motorized window shades?

What is a window shade?

We all have heard the name of the windows in our life and we have used them as well. They have a very important role in our life and they are mainly used in homes and buildings. The use of windows has made things easier and has benefited us in many ways.

In the same way, just like we humans wear clothes to keep our skin protected, in the same way, there are window shades that are a part of windows and they have significant importance for the windows. They are an extra part which has to be bought separately and they are used for covering up the windows. They have many uses and benefits which are beneficial in many ways.

What is the benefit of using window shades?

  • As we all require our privacy and to keep it private, the biggest flaw a window has is that they are transparent and can be see-through easily from outside. In this matter, our privacy is also invaded significantly. The use of window shades acts just like a barrier of protection that covers up the window and it prevents the transparency of the window, which keeps our privacy to be sustained.
  • We all are aware of UV rays which are present in the sunlight and they are prone to causing skin cancer if exposed for a longer period. In this crucial situation, they are used which acts as a protective layer around the windows and it blocks the UV rays which keep us safe.
  • One of the most important benefits is that they block the sunlight to pass through the windows which prevent the heat to enter the windows and keep our room free from heat and cool. We all know how frustrating being in a room with heat can be thus their use is very beneficial in this situation.
  • Another benefit of using it is that they keep the windows free from scratches. As the windows are made up of glass, they are very prone to scratches and dirt, thus the use of the shades helps the windows to stay protected.
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What is the disadvantage of using window shades?

  • They need to be bought separately and by this, it will add an extra cost to our budget which will increase the price.
  • They have to be cleaned every month to maintain their durability.

Types of window shades

  1. Self-operated window shades

The term self-operated window shades mean that they are those type of window shades that needs to be manually used. They cannot be operated on their own has be to used manually. Self-operated window shades are the most common type of shades that we are seeing in today’s generation which saves our costs massively and is more efficient and effective to use as compared with motorized shades.

How does it work?

When it comes to using self-operated window blinds, they are very easy to use and have no complications and they are very easy to use as well. All you have to do to use the self-operated window blind you have to pull down the rope if it has been up and pull up the rope if it has been down. It is so easy that even a child can use the self-operated window business.

What is the benefit of self-operated window shades?

  • They do not require a remote to access to be operated and this can save them the extra costs of them.
  • They are more easily repaired since the material is used in nylon a polyester, which saves our expenditure.
  • They can be operated easily with chicken.
  • As self-operated window blinds are made up of cloth material, they are more easily accessible and we can customize them according to our own choice and preference.
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What are the drawbacks of using self-operated shades?

  • They do not look attractive.
  • They cannot be operated by themselves and thus we all get tired after returning from the work, thus this may not be an effective cloth.
  • As the material used in it are polyester and cotton, they require to be cleaned on about a monthly basis.
  1. Motorized- window shades

At times, we all get lazy in the morning to pull up our window blinds and pull down the window blinds at night and this gets very repetitive and boring. Also at times, we forget to pull down the window blinds, it keeps the room stay heated and this is why the use of motorized shades is much better and more efficient to use.

Advantages of motorized shades

  • As they function automatically with just one click of the button, there is no need for you to pull up and down all the time.
  • As you are leaving the home or office and you are in hurry and you have no time for opening and closing the window shades the use of motorized shades will automatically lift it o down on its own with just one click and it will save you time.

The disadvantage of motorized shades

  • If the remote controller is lost for operating the motorized shades, then you have to buy another remote to operate which will increase the cost.
  • At times we keep our thing in an unordered way, thus we at times misplace the remote and it can consume our time to operate the motorized shade.
  • They are expensive to buy.
  • They are very delicate and can be damaged easily.
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Which one is better, self-operated or motorized window shades?

If we compare one window blind with another, there is no doubt both are good for their features and use, as both of them have produced better results but I would like to state that, if the motorized window shade is bought, there is a higher chance that it can be damaged and its parts are not easily accessible. Thus I would like to highly recommend using motorized shares as they are more effective and sufficient which gives even better output.

Self-operated window shades or motorized window shades?
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