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What Are The Benefits Of Equine Assisted Therapy?

The term equine-assisted therapy encompasses a wide range of activities that involve interacting with horses or other equines to promote health and wellness. This method of therapeutic interaction dates back to ancient times and is used in physical and mental rehabilitation. Whether the therapy is aimed at alleviating pain or treating a specific condition, the use of equines can be beneficial for both parties. The origins of equine-assisted therapy are ancient, but the technique has only recently been applied to the modern world.

Studies have shown that equine-assisted therapy has positive effects on individuals suffering from conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s disease. The horses’ keen observation and sensory processing abilities make them effective in helping people with neurological or sensory problems gain independence. These patients also experience less hyperactivity and increased communication. In addition, equine therapy improves the quality of life and self-esteem of these individuals. It’s a valuable therapy for those with physical or mental impairments.

The benefits of equine-assisted therapy are numerous and can range from physical to psychological. The treatment is performed by a trained therapist. In some cases, the equine will be the sole recipient of the treatment, but many of the sessions are collaborative. The benefits are multiplied for children suffering from neurological disorders. The therapy is also beneficial for promoting communication and reducing hyperactivity. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of equine-assisted therapy, read on.

One of the greatest benefits of equine-assisted therapy is the ability to reduce anxiety. Horses are sensitive and keen observers, which allows them to mirror the patient’s behavior and feelings. Therefore, the therapy can be extremely effective in improving a patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence. During the therapy, the horse will listen, mirror the patient’s behavior, and respond accordingly. It is important to note that the horse will not react negatively to the emotions or appearance of the patient.

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Another benefit of equine-assisted therapy is the fact that it helps children develop self-confidence and overcome fears of overcoming obstacles. In addition, equine-assisted therapy can increase a child’s capacity to focus on the present moment. In addition, the therapy can also reduce hyperactivity in a patient. In a clinical setting, it is vital for the success of equine-assisted therapy. A horse will provide a patient with the confidence and self-esteem that they sorely need.

Another benefit of equine-assisted therapy is the ability to mirror the patient. Since horses have a natural tendency to mirror behavior, they provide feedback more quickly than human therapists. This allows the patient to develop a more aware and confident self. The therapy also encourages the patient to engage in activities that are fun and rewarding. They will have a chance to express themselves more spontaneously. These two benefits are a vital part of equine-assisted therapy.

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