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What are the Salient Features of Zoom and How to Use it?

Amidst the ongoing lockdown, many people have been using online meeting platforms. These platforms allow users to hold video conferences and voice calls. Not only that, but they also allow organizations to promote collaboration among employees despite working from home. Among those platforms, Zoom is one of the most popular video and voice calling platforms right now. it is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

All you need to do is download the software and create an account. You can use the software to hold virtual viewing parties to watch TV shows instead of watching them on Contour TV. Not only that, but you can also use it to be present during an online class. A vast number of people use Zoom to connect with their colleagues and relatives. The benefits of the app are endless. Let’s learn some basics related to Zoom in the following paragraphs.

How to Start or Join a Zoom Meeting?

It is quite easy to set up a meeting on Zoom. All you need to do is start the application and click on the orange icon with the text “new meeting” below it. Once you select this icon, then you can enter into a virtual conference room. Here, you can invite multiple users and even share the invite link on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Once the users click on these links, a dialog box will appear and you will be required to grant them permission to join the meeting. You can also dismiss a meeting and create a new room at any time.

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To join a meeting, click on the link that the meeting host has provided you. Wait for the host to approve your entry. When they do, you will enter the meeting room.

Camera and Voice Options

In a Zoom meeting, you can turn on your video or microphone depending on the nature of the meeting. You will need to make a decision yourself if it’s a casual meeting or you may be required by the host to keep your camera or voice off or on during a work-related meeting as a default.

To turn the mic on or off, click the microphone icon at the bottom left side of the screen. Very next to it is the camera icon. You can click on it to turn your video on or off. The fact that you can switch from a voice call to a video call at any time provides great convenience to users.

How to Write Text Messages in a Zoom Call?

In case you don’t want to turn your video or voice on, you can still participate in a Zoom meeting actively by sending text messages. All you have to do is click on the chat button in the menu bar and type your message. Once you have written your message, press the enter button to share it with everybody in the meeting room. Everyone will be able to see your message. You can also send a private message to a particular participant by clicking on their name.

Zoom Virtual Background

Zoom also comes with a very useful feature that is called the Zoom Virtual Background. At times, you may be required to join a video call. However, your background may not be an ideal one. In such a case, instead of hiding everything, you can simply use the Zoom Virtual Background feature for a customizable background. You can choose from various customizable options to choose the perfect background for the type of meeting that you’re having.

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How to Avoid Zoom Bombing?

Zoom bombing is used to refer to the entry of unauthorized users into a meeting room. Not only can they enter a meeting room, but they can also post inappropriate content. This may happen due to various reasons. A participant may share the meeting invite link with someone they know on purpose. You can prevent such a thing from happening by creating a strong password. Make sure to share the password with meeting participants only. Do not share a public meeting link. Furthermore, make sure to warn all the individuals partaking in a meeting to refrain from sharing the link with unauthorized individuals. Teachers in online classes should respond with grade penalties if students do such violations.

With the help of this blog, you will be able to use Zoom quite effectively for meetings. Not only will you be able to control the voice and video properly, but you will also be able to avoid Zoom bombings.

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