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What Is The Average Processing Time For A Finland Schengen Visa?

Finland is one of the 26 Schengen countries, which means that visitors with a valid Schengen Visa can visit Finland. As a member of the Nordic countries, Finland boasts some of the best public services in the world

Travel to Helsinki, Finland, to experience its many attractions. Visiting Finland is a delight; you will have a wonderful time there. Visa documents are important when you need to apply for a Finnish visa. Common visa documents are: a passport, two photos, flight reservation, cover letter, hotel bookings, proof of sufficient funds, travel insurance etc.

Finland Tourist Visa Fee

The Schengen visa application price has increased to EUR 80 as of February 2, 2020. Depending on the region and location where you submit your documents, you may also be required to pay additional Administrative fees, such as the Visa Application Center fee, courier service price, etc.

Minimum Financial Requirements To Visit Finland

Each Schengen member state has different financial requirements for visitors. This requirement ensures that people visiting Finland have enough funds to meet their expenses there. So if you plan to visit Finland, you must have at least 30 euros daily. So if you visit Finland for a month, you must show that you have at least 900 euros in your bank account. 

Always remember that this is the minimum financial requirement, but showing more funds in your account will increase your chances of visa approval. You’ll find that all Schengen Member States have their minimum financial requirements when visiting. Finland visa requirements have been implemented to ensure visitors have the financial as well as all other means to support themselves during their stay.

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Required Documents For Finland Tourist Visa

The necessary documents for the Finland Schengen visa application procedure are as follows:

  1. Application form Completed by the applicant (or both parents if the applicant is under 18) in his preferred language (English or Finnish) and bearing his signature and date.
  2. Passport that meets the following requirements:
  • The validity with at least three months beyond the departure date from Finland.
  • Bearer’s signature
  • The passport must be ten years old (issued within the last ten years).
  • At least two “visa pages” are free.
  • Undamaged photographs securely attached to/within a passport
  1. Two Photographs meeting the requirements:
  • It should be old for at most 6 months.
  • A frontal shot of the face, covering 70-80% of the photo (32-26mm).
  • A white and uniform background.
  • Face and eyes are not obscured by hair or glasses frames.
  1. Travel Itinerary, including flight reservation which should be Valid (existing) hotel/accommodation booking/reservation with the full address. 8. Letter from Local Employer/Sponsor (Proof of Occupation) including Name, postal address, and telephone number of sponsor/company, Details regarding the applicant’s working position, starting date of the employment, and salary and The timeframe of work leave (expected date to resume duties) and purpose of travel.
  2. Travel insurance for Schengen visa is one of the essential requirements of a Schengen visa, and it should be at least 30000 euros so you can meet all your expenses in any medical emergency.
  3. Letter from University (if student)
  4. A copy of the sponsor’s valid passport and residence visa (if any) must be attached to the letter (if the applicant is a dependent).
  5. Proof of Financial Means
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Processing Time For Finland Tourist Visa

A Finland Tourist visa typically takes 5-20 calendar days to process. It totally determined by the country where you apply for a visa.

Best Time to Apply for a Schengen Visa application process

There are different suggestions when you apply for a Schengen country visa, and it depends upon the country for which you apply. However, if you read the Schengen rules, you will know it’s better to apply earlier. 

You can apply at least 3 months before your planned travel trip to the Schengen zone. But according to the latest update, you may apply at least two weeks before your trip. You must submit your application as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid delays because the embassy receives many applications.

How To Apply For A Schengen Visa During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the worst time to apply for your Schengen visa application. This is because many people plan to spend their vacations in Europe and submit their applications during that time. 

That’s why, especially during the Christmas season. You have to submit your Schengen visa application as soon as possible. This is because you can complete the procedures on time and your chances of losing your holiday will be reduced.

Where To Apply For Finland Tourist Visa?

Tourist visas for Finland must be requested via Finnish diplomatic missions abroad, visa application centres, or consular offices, depending on where you now call home. If there isn’t one in your nation, you can submit your application at the consulate or embassy that is most conveniently located to you.

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Apply at the embassy or consulate in our country of residence.

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