Why Every Modern Office Needs a Meeting Pod



A quiet space within the office can help improve productivity. Whether employees need to huddle up for private conversations or want somewhere to take personal calls, a meeting pod offers a safe and convenient solution.

Whether you call them meeting rooms, phone booths, or coworking spaces, these semi-private and stand-alone spaces are quickly becoming more popular in workplaces worldwide.

The Space

There is a growing need for modern offices to accommodate collaboration and productivity. This can be done by fostering open team communication to brainstorm and resolve issues and tasks while creating spaces where employees can concentrate on their work without distractions.

This can be achieved by creating a dedicated meeting room or providing staff with private spaces to get away from the office for a few hours. Technically, office meeting pods are designed to offer quiet spaces where individuals can focus on their work without being disrupted by other people in the workplace.

Meeting pods are available in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of multiple meetings. Some are fully enclosed with glass walls and back panels, while others are more open.

Closed pods provide improved acoustics as there are fewer places for sound to escape and enter. On the other hand, open pods can benefit from huddle collaboration and team calls, as they offer a more informal environment that encourages open conversation with team members.

A meeting pod is an ideal solution for a modern office, and they come with many benefits that traditional conference rooms do not offer. These include:

The Technology

Every modern office needs the right technology to work effectively. That means Wi-Fi in all areas, Ethernet ports everywhere, cordless phones and headsets, recessed power outlets, and more.

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But it also means protecting personal quiet time in the office. As we’ve said in our article about how employees take more sick days when surrounded by noise, interruptions significantly contribute to stress and lower productivity.

Having a place where employees can get some quiet time to think and feel refreshed is crucial for a modern workplace. That’s why companies are increasingly turning to pods, a new type of workspace designed specifically for privacy and concentration for one or two people.

As an alternative to traditional conference rooms, meeting pods provide a flexible space to accommodate in-person and virtual meetings. Moreover, they’re a great way to encourage honest and direct communication among team members to increase productivity.

Unlike standard conference rooms, which can be expensive to build and often require renovations in the future, meeting pods are relatively inexpensive to set up. Plus, they’re much easier to move around if the need arises. That’s a massive benefit in an office environment, where the need to adapt constantly is essential for the company to stay competitive and relevant.

The Privacy

Every modern office needs at least one meeting room. They are the staple multi-function necessity after desk space and a coffee point for board meetings, private conversations, social spaces, and quiet working areas.

But despite the open plan concept, these spaces can be noisy and distracting for some people. This is especially true for knowledge workers who need a quiet, distraction-free environment to get work done.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem – meeting pods. This semi-private, re-locatable workspaces are available in various designs and can be slotted into almost any current office layout.

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Moreover, they offer a sense of privacy crucial for people holding confidential phone calls. This means that they don’t have to scramble for a quiet space to discuss sensitive matters, which can lead to decreased productivity in the long run.

As the modern office grows more complex and busy, it’s becoming increasingly important for employees to have privacy. This is especially true for knowledge workers who require a quiet, distraction-free environment to do their best work.

The Flexibility

Office workers need a place to work privately and meet with others. Meeting pods provide a huddle space for employees to conduct small meetings, hold focus sessions and take private phone calls.

Pods offer flexible spaces that allow teams to adjust their workspace as they grow and develop. Modular and mobile, they’re easy to assemble and move from location to location and even from building to building.

They’re also cost-effective, without construction or build-in costs. And they’re quick and straightforward to install — often in less than a day.

When you compare the flexibility of a pod to a built room, it’s clear that it offers more value in the long run. Constructed rooms are a sunk cost, but pods pay off indefinitely.

Another advantage of a meeting pod is its soundproofing. It helps reduce noise pollution, mainly when employees discuss sensitive information or work in the same space.

The Fracas meeting pod, for example, has NRC acoustic ratings of 0.76, so it can help prevent audio distractions and improve productivity.

Pods are available in different sizes, from singular occupancy booths to large meeting spaces. They’re typically fully enclosed, but they can also be partially open to allow for improved acoustics.

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Whether you’re planning a meeting, want a private space to talk with friends or colleagues, or need a quiet, rejuvenating break from your daily grind, there are meeting pods for all situations. These spaces are an essential part of every modern office.


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