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Yoga to Help You Treat Arthritis

When it comes to exercise we want to choose something that will eventually help us feel better, improve our quality of life and keep us fit. With so many different exercise options, most people get very confused when they have to choose an exercise. According to health experts, no hard and fast rule can help you pick one exercise and use it for everything, however if we look at yoga it somehow satisfies most of our needs. With a good routine of yoga, you will not only be able to cure some basic issues, you will see improvement in your lifestyle as well. These are not just two main benefits if you explore yoga further it will help you beat some of the most horrific health-related issues that otherwise might take a lot of effort and medication.

What Is Arthritis And How Does It Affect Your Body?

Arthritis is becoming one of the biggest issues right now. With arthritis, you will have swollen immovable joints that will become so painful that you will not be able to lift things, maintain a grip or even move your body properly. Since we need healthy joints for better mobility, these issues also affect our ability to move which will restrict our daily life activity and will eventually affect our functions as well. In short, when you have arthritis you will see your body change in the worst possible way and the only way to treat this is to have a drastic lifestyle change along with fixing your routine and improving your quality of life. From the way you eat to the exercises and even day-to-day activities, you will be required to change everything. There are so many different types of arthritis and each arthritis affects your body differently so before you jump into a treatment you also need to take help from a medical health professional. So far most experts agree that stretches can help with arthritis as it soothes swollen joints and improves the blood flow in the immovable part of the body.

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With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the best yoga poses that will help you to target your arthritis. We will also look at how this yoga poses to improve your arthritis and what else you will be required to do when you perform these yoga poses.


This yoga poses is also known as the mountain pose. You just need to stand straight with your elbows a little away from your body. Now, spread your fingers fully. For someone with arthritis, this phase might be a little difficult, since you are not using both hands to move the fingers, you will not be fixing any joints rather you need to stretch your joints without inserting pressure. Now as you move a little further you will have to shift the weight from your heels and back of the foot towards the toes. The idea is to move a little rather than hold a stiff position.

Butterfly and Bound Angle Pose

These two poses somehow match which is the reason we will cover them together. For this, you will start with the bound angle and sit straight. Now fold your legs near the knee and pull the feet towards your crotch area. Your both heels will be stiff and stuck to gather in opposite directions. Once you are in this pose, you are then required to take your knees and exert a little pressure to lay them flat on the ground. This might affect your joints but your goal is to stretch your legs in a way that this pose becomes effortless eventually.

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Staff Pose

This is another pose that will require you to sit straight and keep your shoulders back and your backbone fully erect. Now spread your legs further but keep them together straight right in front of you. Now spread your fingers and elbows away from your body and as your spread them wide, try to fold your knee and toes at the same time.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, when you want to have a wholesome approach to fulfill all the issues related to health, you will see yoga at the top of the list. With the help of yoga, you will not only be able to improve flexibility in your body, but you will also see that your swollen joints due to arthritis are much more flexible now and you don’t have to worry about injury as well. Yoga doesn’t mainly pressurize the joints which is the reason you will not feel the pain when you exercise. Another important thing is that to target every body part you will find different types of yoga and different poses. The idea is to mix and match but look for full-body yoga poses that will help you involve your full body at every step of the way. You also need to keep in mind that yoga will improve your quality of life however it is up to you to change yoga poses to make the most out of it according to your condition. So far, with the help of full body and water yoga, you will be able to treat your arthritis and make it less painful without any injury.

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